About Us

We are John and Rachael. A British couple who live on a small island in Croatia. We believe in putting our heart and soul into your travel experience with us.


Having spent the last 7 years developing our reputation as one of Korcula Island’s (in Croatia) best tour providers, we are now branching out into the ski resorts and fantastic city of Sarajevo. We want to offer you some truly memorable experiences, as well as giving us the opportunity to live and work outside of the summer season on Korcula.

Choosing Sarajevo was a very easy decision for us after spending an extended period of time here in the winter of 2016/17. The city and nearby area has so much for us to offer to you.

You can find information about Sarajevo and the mountains here on the blog and also details about our skiing packages and tours on our website www.sarajevoexplorer.com.

Looking for a summer holiday destination? Why not come and visit us on Korcula Island. We offer a range of tours including wine tasting, plus can arrange accommodation and transfers for you. Come and find out more on our website www.korculaexplorer.com.